December 18, 2015
Winsor McCay, George Pal & Walt Disney Shorts Named to 2015 National Film Registry!
The Library of Congress has officially placed Winsor McCay's Dreams of a Rarebit Fiend, George Pal's John Henry and the Inky-Poo, and Walt Disney's The Old Mill and The Story of Menstruation created for the makers of Kotex to the National Film Registry.  

October 15, 2015
AHOF's Journey Into IMAGIMATION First Museum Booking!
We are proud to formerly announce the booking of AHOF's first touring exhibit Journey Into IMAGIMATION: 100 Years of Animation Art From Around the World. The world class venue for its inaugural launching will be the Appleton Museum of Art located in Ocala, Florida. The exhibit will run from January 15, 2016 to April 24, 2016. More information on the exhibit can be found by visiting the AHOF Events section located on the AHOF Home Page and also by going to the AHOF Calendar. We would like to thank the Appleton Museum of Art for allowing AHOF's first world class touring exhibit to premiere in such a distinguished venue.  

March 1, 2015
AHOF’s First Kickstarter Campaign Ends
We would like to thank everyone who contributed to our first Kickstarter campaign. Unfortunately we were not successful in raising the funds we were looking for to produce the first episode in this ground breaking, in-depth documentary mini-series is entitled, Animation: Persistence of Vision. In the future we will be launching other projects using the crowd raising platform and we will announce those at that time. AHOF thank you once again for supporting this effort.  

February 22, 2015
And the Winners Are!
The Animation Hall of Fame proud to announce this year's Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences Oscar winners for Best Animated Film and Best Animated Short Film. The winner for Best Animated Film was awarded to Big Hero 6, which was directed by Don Hall and Chris Williams and produced by Roy Conli. The winner for Best Animated Short Film was awarded to Feast, which was directed by Patrick Osborne and produced by Kristina Reed.  

January 8, 2015
The Animation Hall of Fame, Inc. is extremely proud to announce the official launch of its first Kickstarter fundraising campaign today January 8, 2015!

For anyone who loves animation in all of its many forms here is an opportunity to help document and preserve the incredible true story that is the complete history of animation from around the world. This Kickstarter campaign will raise the funds necessary to bring the first of five, two hour long episodes to life. The first episode in this ground breaking, in-depth documentary mini-series is entitled, Animation: Persistence of Vision and will span the globe to unearth and share the amazing beginning history of this unique and captivating art form.

Under the direction of Animation Hall of Fame CEO and Co-founder Hal Miles, an award winning filmmaker with over 35 years of experience in television and film production, this story will come to life and share the never-before seen international history of this beloved story telling technique. Founder and past president of The Society for Animation Studies and former editor of Animation Magazine, Harvey Deneroff will serve as chief animation historian for the series. And a team of veteran pre-production, location and post production crew have been slated and are eagerly awaiting the start of this exciting production.  

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