Would you liked to get involved as an Animation Hall Of Fame, Inc. Volunteer?

The Animation Hall of Fame, Inc. is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization that exists to educate visitors, fans and scholars from around the world about the history and continuing significance of animation. It carries out this mission through its operation of a world-class museum that collects, preserves, exhibits and interprets this art form and through its library and archives as well as its educational programs.

This magical entertainment art form belongs to everyone. We welcome you to join in supporting our endeavor by donating your most valuable possession, your time, by becoming a volunteer.

Your time and efforts, whether it be by filing, transferring data, researching, restoring artifacts, archiving, cataloging or any other numerous and extremely important jobs and tasks is incredibly valuable to the historic preservation and operations of the Animation Hall of Fame, Inc..

Together we will preserve our international animation history for future generations to come.


Please contact the Animation Hall Of Fame, Inc. Volunteer Committee at info.ahof@gmail.com.


Thank you for your interest in becoming an Animation Hall Of Fame Volunteer!

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