The Animation Hall of Fame, Inc., now in its 12th year, is a 501(c)3 nonprofit endeavor whose cornerstone is built and sustained by the generous annual financial contribution and extensive international animation artifacts collection of Nancy and Hal Miles.

It is dedicated to honoring and preserving the past; encouraging the present; helping to shape the future; and restoring the history and heritage of animation, while also educating and entertaining animation fans and non-fans alike from around the world. The Animation Hall of Fame accomplishes this by continually advancing our ongoing objectives through its various current and future projects and programs.

Animation Archives

The Animation Hall of Fames archive of animation art and artifacts from around the world contains thousands of pieces dating back to the beginning of this magical art form. It is continually being added to from not only the great animated productions from the past, but also with today's current animated productions. Many professionals and volunteers continue to work hard to digitally archive and catalog artwork, films, print materials, documents, and etc. Our future Animation Hall of Fame on-line archival database is being developed and students, professionals, artists, etc. will have access to these treasures worldwide. Additionally, a specially structured syndicated version for museums, libraries, and universities is also being planned.

Animation Preservation

The Animation Hall of Fames ongoing film, artwork, and artifact preservation division is constantly in the process of evaluating and restoring our archive of works. The original materials that make up some of these pieces over the years has decomposed due to the nature of the materials or through poor storage. Once an animation piece in our archive is evaluated for condition, such as an animation cel, stop motion puppet, or film print we determine the level and procedure for restoration. We are dedicated to bringing these treasures back to their original form and preserving their history for everyone to see.

Travelling Exhibitions

The Animation Hall of Fames Travelling Exhibitions program allows us to tour many of our gallery exhibitions in museums and venues throughout the world allowing us to not only share these animation treasures, but also to pass on and educate patrons on the wonderful history and various techniques and processes of animation. Our premiere travelling exhibition, Journey Into IMAGIMATION: Over A Hundred Years Of Animation Art From Around The World celebrates the ongoing 100 plus year history of original rare animation production artwork since the creation of this magical art form. Our second travelling exhibition Animals In Animation: From A To Z celebrates and highlights the use of animals in animated movies, cartoons, and commercials from around the world. Our third travelling exhibition Animated Commercials: Television Advertising One Frame At A Time celebrates and highlights the nostalgic animated imagery in animated commercials from around the world.

Members Events

Animation Hall of Fame members are invited to attend throughout the year several sanctioned events. These events include travelling exhibitions and their premieres; special screenings; and lectures that included professional and educational leaders.

Future Animation Hall of Fame Complex

With the creation of the Animation Hall of Fame's Complex, to be located in the United States, the continued growth and expansion of our mission statement will be possible. It will be a high tech venue honoring the history and heritage of animation and will also educate and entertain animation fans and non-fans alike from around the world.

The actual Animation Hall of Fame Complex will include numerous areas highlighted by the central multi story rotunda Inductees Hall. The Hall will honor the past, present, and future animation individuals for their contributions to the world of animation. The first floor of the Inductees Hall provides an attraction which tells the complete history of animation.

Annually, at a weeklong series of ceremonies and events, the Animation Hall of Fame will induct certain individuals who have made significant contributions to the advancement of the art of animation. For the first time in the 116 years of animation history there will be one centralized international location to honor past, present and future animation individuals for their contributions to animation and the world.

There are several Animation Hall of Fame museum galleries with each one highlighting and representing a different animation technique or practice that will preserve and display artifacts and interactive exhibits.

The Animation Hall of Fame research library and archival areas will act as the sole depository for archival preservation & restoration of animation materials, art, props, and knowledge that is currently fragmented throughout the world.

The Animation Hall of Fame Educational center for creative and historic learning.

The Animation Hall of Fame's 550 seat theater will not only be the main venue for our annual induction ceremonies, but will also be used throughout the year as a place where anyone can attend animation screenings of international animation, both old and new. Also, professional animators, producers, directors, production people, and historians will be invited to present lectures, seminars and classes to anyone interested in learning more about this great art form.

The Animation Hall of Fame Conference and Convention Center will be one of the venues for our annual Induction Week conference. During the rest of the year it will used extensively for other animation events.

There will also be an Animation Hall of Fame Studio for producing documentary and television programming productions.

Finally, the Animation Hall of Fame Café and Gift Shop areas.