The Animation Hall of Fame, Inc. was founded in 2010 by animation professionals, collectors, and historians Hal and Nancy Miles. This featured collection represents their extensive 30 year animation collecting passion. Encompassing several thousand pieces, the collection covers all of the styles, techniques, and many international artists throughout the history of animation.

Hal Miles
Hal Miles is an international award winning animation and visual effects film artist and filmmaker with an impressive 30 plus year career in the motion picture, television, and amusement park industries. He specializes in animation, visual effects, and animatronics as a director, producer, supervisor, and technician. He has helped to or personally created numerous classic and ground breaking techniques and moments in many animation and visual effects Academy Award and Emmy winning projects. Additionally, he taught and developed numerous animation and visual effects programs at the college level for 12 years.

Hal has a love for every style and technique of animation; but has a deep passion for stop motion animation and is considered by many to be a chief authority and archivist of the art form, which he is very humble to accept.

Nancy Miles
Nancy Miles has had a long term affair with the art of Animation and Film. She was fortunate to know and call many entertainment pioneers Friend along with current industry notables. Her working knowledge of old school industry techniques give her a great foundation and perspective towards today’s animation and entertainment processes and how they are utilized. She has been a long standing founding member of the Women In Animation New York chapter, member of the Washington D.C. ASIFA chapter, and was the founder and president of the Animation Collectors Club of Washington, D.C.

Nancy also has had extensive experience in the world of museum administration having been on the board of directors and operations director for the Washington D.C. National Gallery of Caricature and Cartoon Art.

Together, in 2009, they founded the Savannah International Animation Festival and held the extremely successful inaugural event in February 2010. Today, SIAF is one of the Animation Hall Of Fame’s nonprofit events that’s held annually.